Recently, the latest information technology textbooks for Longxin middle school and primary school compiled by Jiangsu Provincial Teaching Research Office and published by Phoenix Science and Technology Publishing House have been published. The teaching materials are combined with the domestic Loongson computer which has been integrated into the information technology courses of primary and secondary schools. The majority of primary and secondary school students will learn computer related knowledge and principles, experience the scientific and technological charm of independent innovation, and cultivate their interest in computers and autonomous creation through independent teaching materials and independent terminals. < / P > < p > it is reported that Loongson textbook was published in 2013, and this is a revision and reprint. In addition to the introduction of conventional software applications, it also adds knowledge of robots, makers, scratch programming, and Internet of things, which further enhances the hands-on practice of primary and secondary school students, learning computers by using computers. < / P > < p > according to the person in charge of textbook compilation, the learning robot project is a robot project jointly developed and customized by Loongson Zhongke and Ziguang robot, which is suitable for Loongson hardware and software platform. < / P > < p > learning scratch for programming is to fully integrate the current technology trends, so that students can understand how to operate the Internet of things (IOT) through hardware and master the knowledge behind the phenomenon. < / P > < p > the new version of the textbook retains the introduction of Godson team and Godson computer, and also uses a considerable amount of ink to reflect the birth and mission of Godson CPU.

is now in the Windows, Intel, Android, PS, Xbox and Switch around the youth group. As a condensed learning material for self innovation, the Godson teaching material serves primary school students, and spreads science and technology ideals and scientific knowledge. Global Tech