How to “utilize the old peripherals” is a key issue affecting the promotion of Godson computer. Godson computer needs to support a variety of office equipment in the user environment, such as printers, scanners, etc. Office equipment needs to install driver into the computer’s operating system in order to work normally. At present, most office equipment sold on the market only provide windows drivers, and a large number of models have not yet provided linux drivers for Loongson computers. < p > < p > < p > Loongson company launched a general solution of office peripherals. The core principle of the scheme is to use cross instruction compatible binary translation technology to run native windows driver on Godson computer, so as to realize the normal use of office equipment on Godson computer. < p > < p > binary translation technology is an important technology to realize instruction compatibility. It can run software of different CPU platforms on one CPU and break through ecological barriers. Binary translation technology has been studied for nearly 30 years in academia. Its engineering ideas are widely used in Android system, Firefox / chromium browser, Java virtual machine, speech, Python interpreter and other mature software. Godson has been researching binary translation technology for more than 10 years and published many achievements. < / P > < p > Loongson peripherals make use of the old general solution, which has the advantages of “zero adaptation, full compatibility, network free and high security”. Windows drivers run directly on Godson platform, without the need for peripheral manufacturers to re adapt; all existing printer models in the market, even without linux drivers, can be used normally on Godson computers with high compatibility; peripherals installed and used locally on Godson computers do not need to be like “cloud printing” (cloud printing) The scheme of printing always depends on the network; the driver is encapsulated by virtual container technology, and the driver runs in a closed and isolated environment similar to sandbox. The driver only has the access ability of external devices, and can’t access the file resources on Loongson computer, and there is no risk of data being stolen through the network, so as to effectively protect the data security. < / P > < p > this scheme can effectively solve the problem of using the old peripherals of Godson computer, make up for the ecological short board, and accelerate the promotion of Godson computer. Prototype system products have been developed, and nearly 100 kinds of printers have been tested. All of them can be used normally on Godson computers (including a large number of models without linux driver). It supports office software, browser, website system and other applications. All file formats can be printed. It supports convenient management functions such as printer hot plug and print task view. In the future, Loongson will continue to invest in the research and development of binary translation technology, optimize the performance by means of software and hardware collaboration, continuously improve the user experience, and form product versions as soon as possible to provide users. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure