Sina science and technology news on September 14 afternoon news, AI inventory said that it had submitted a real name report letter to the State Administration of market supervision and administration, Guangdong provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau, Guangzhou market supervision administration bureau and Guangzhou Liwan District Market Supervision Administration Bureau by mail on September 11 to report vipshop’s unfair competition. According to AI inventory, after issuing the statement on resisting vipshop’s unfair competition on September 3, vipshop is still forcing merchants to choose one from another, and the scope of affected brands continues to expand. Sina Technology asked vipshop about this, but the latter said it was not true, but did not provide more response. < p > < p > as mentioned in the statement on the existence of Aiku, since August 4, this year, Aiku has been receiving feedback from merchants: vipshop requires merchants not to continue to cooperate with Aiku, forcing them to “choose one from two” and carry out daily inspection on the goods of the merchants. Once it is found that there are still sales on AI inventory, vipshop will immediately notify the merchants and even directly offline on vipshop All goods on sale as punishment. < p > < p > AI inventory believes that the “choose one from two” behavior seriously affects the healthy development of e-commerce industry. I hope that this behavior can be effectively stopped, the industry can return to normal competition order, businesses have the right to multi-channel independent development, consumers can have more choice rights, and the market environment will become more fair. SpaceX beat blue origin and Northrop Grumman to win a $316 million air force contract