At present, although the Volkswagen Lavida models on sale in China have a good “advanced sense” in appearance, the thick “plastic wind” in the car is always a big slot. Moreover, Lavida has also created a precedent of “reducing the configuration” of car central control radio and replacing it with mobile phone bracket. However, in the face of this year’s situation of SAIC Volkswagen falling endlessly, the cumulative sales volume of Langyi has been comprehensively surpassed by Nissan Xuanyi.

a few days ago, we obtained the pictures of the 2021 model of SAIC Volkswagen Lavida through online channels. It can be seen that the new car has adopted the latest flat logo of Volkswagen, and the level of technology configuration in the car has been greatly improved.

specifically, the new car uses the latest flat logo of Volkswagen. The low configuration model of the instrument panel in the car is still a combination of pointer and LCD, and the high configuration model is full LCD instrument panel. In addition, touch air conditioning panel can be optional to meet the needs of different consumers. Make complaints about mobile phone,

, which is the most common way to get the car tucking up, and the “reducing” central control radio is replaced by mobile phone bracket. All new models are equipped with 8-inch central control screen as standard, which can provide practical functions such as navigation and reversing image for car owners.

in terms of power, the new car still provides 1.2t, 1.4T and 1.5L engines to choose from, with the maximum power of 116ps, 150ps and 113ps respectively. In terms of transmission, the first two turbocharged engines are equipped with 7-speed double clutch transmission, while the 1.5L self-priming engine is matched with 5-speed manual transmission and 6at transmission.

in terms of price, we haven’t disclosed much information. However, according to the current price of 99900-161900 yuan, it is expected that the new car will be similar to it.

it is worth mentioning that the cash is on sale at present. Some regions have already given a preferential space of more than 30000 yuan, which has a good price advantage even compared with domestic cars.