While unveiling the 2021 lucid air luxury electric car that is challenging Tesla, lucid motors also released a preview of the project gravity pure electric SUV. It claims to adopt the leap pure electric architecture developed by itself. For example, the luicd air model adopts the all wheel drive motor layout with double front and single rear. While removing conventional gasoline engines and drivelines, leap also helps to maximize cabin space. < p > < p > Derek Jenkins, vice president of design at lucid, explained to slashgear that they had accumulated experience with early developers of lucid air and would continue to pursue values such as efficiency, performance, usability, and future oriented luxury aesthetics. In terms of endurance, lucid scored 517 miles in the EPA test. The difference is that electric cars are more focused on the administrative experience, while SUVs are more likely to be home-based (which may not last as long as the former). < / P > < p > although the technical level may be more advanced, the competition in SUV market has been quite fierce in recent years. In addition to the new power of electric car making springing up, mainstream luxury brands (such as meiben, BMW, Audi) are also actively involved. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities