Microsoft’s vision for the future of Windows is to design an operating system for all form factors, based on which functions can be customized for different posture devices according to the software.

It should focus on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. The plan changed in 2018. At that time, Microsoft shelved the idea of focusing on mobile device operating systems and having more cross-platform functions, and decided to launch it into a dual-screen Android phone (Surface Duo).

Some work was transferred to other things, and Microsoft began to pay attention to the Windows 10X system based on the modular Windows Core OS.

Previously, developers have allowed Surface Pro 7 to successfully run the early build version of Windows 10X. In the latest action, developer Gustave Monce has now successfully ported the Windows 10X operating system to the Lumia 950 XL mobile device – demonstrating how Windows 10X works on small screen devices with touch screens.

Of course, the Windows 10X on the mobile phone still needs to be adjusted, but experiments have confirmed that the software based on the Windows Core OS system can adjust the user interface according to the size and input type of its connection.