Lotus evija, one of the most anticipated electric vehicles in the modern world, recently debuted at Goodwood racing week 2020. Gavan Kershaw, director of Rutgers vehicle attributes, said: “Goodwood is a fast-moving track with a lot of ups and downs on its surface, so it’s a great test and demonstration because it’s the type of environment that many owners will use. Bringing the car to such an event is a welcome interruption to the 100 hours spent in the proving ground. ” The evija on the video is one of the two prototypes, wearing the iconic black and gold theme color of luttes. It is reported that evija is an important model of luttes, and it is also the first all electric super run in the UK. < / P > < p > in addition, it is very powerful, with four electric motors and a 2000 kW battery pack (supplied by Williams advanced engineering or WAE), and evija can deliver 2000 horsepower and 1253 LB ft of torque. One of evija’s biggest drawbacks is its weight — 1680 kg, but its all carbon fiber chassis makes it the lightest electric supercar in the world. < p > < p > lutes claims to achieve 100 km acceleration in 3.0 seconds, with a maximum speed of 200mph. Equipped with a large mid battery pack, evija’s theoretical mileage is 250 miles under wltp combined cycle and 270 miles under NEDC combined cycle. Equipped with four driving modes and all wheel torque vectoring – an electric motor on each wheel, evija is enough to be a real track monster. < / P > < p > it even has an 800 kW heavy-duty charging system that can charge the battery to 80% in 12 minutes, but only if the driver has a 350 kW DC fast charging station. Evija’s sleek body is unique, with a pair of venturis at the back. According to lutes, the design increases the “porosity” of the vehicle because it cuts through the wind, which allows evija to reduce drag while creating huge downforce. However, the company only produces 130 evija cars at a high price. According to the disclosure, evija’s reserve price is about $2.15 million before tax. Global Tech