Since its acquisition by Geely, the British niche brand, which focuses on the manufacture of pure sports cars, has seen more and more exposure. Although luttes was once regarded as one of the world’s three largest sports car manufacturers named after Ferrari and Porsche abroad, it is far from living as well as the other two. Fortunately, with the double blessing of capital and resources, lutos has been developing in a good direction. < p > < p > since evija, a new top pure electric supercar with a price of 21.88 million yuan at Guangzhou auto show last year, was snapped up and sold out. Recently, lutes has sent good news again. < / P > < p > the name of the project is Leva (light electric vehicle architecture), which is not a super electric sports car architecture, but to create a versatile and flexible platform for a variety of electric vehicles. Lutes said it would release more details of the Leva platform to the outside world in due course. “This is good news for our industry and its transition to electrification,” said Matt Windle, executive director of engineering at Rutgers. As a collaboration between lutes, sarkinson industries and Brunel University in London, there is a large number of talents involved, and we are glad to have started the project. < / P > < p > it is reported that rutes will launch a new model in 2021. The new car will be built on a new platform, and its power will be equipped with a hybrid system based on the V6 engine. The domestic listed evija will also start delivery in the middle of next year. Global Tech