ESports mouse has been adapting to the use of faster sensors and lightweight design, which is reflected in the m.o.j.o M1 mouse recently launched by mad Catz, which has 12000 DPI optical sensors and weighs only 70g. The. O.j.o M1 electronic competition mouse adopts pmw3360 optical sensor, which ensures that all your actions will be instantly reflected in the game. The sensor allows manual adjustment of the DPI without the need for other software. < / P > < p > this mouse is the first one with mad Catz Dakota mechanical switch. The response time of these mechanical switches is only two milliseconds. < / P > < p > the m.o.j.o M1 mouse is also lightweight and weighs 70g. This lightweight design allows gamers to move the mouse easily and quickly. The triangular hollowed out holes on the mouse also help to lighten, which reduces the use of a lot of plastic. < / P > < p > the unique design of the m.o.j.o M1 mouse enables RGB lights to create lighting effects not only on the mouse but also on the mouse pad. The lighting effect can be adjusted by mouse or RGB driver. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today