MagSafe is no stranger to older MacBook users. Since its launch in 2006, this magnetic power plug has become one of the first impressions of MacBook for a generation of Apple users. It was not until 2015 that it was gradually replaced by MacBook with usb-c interface. < / P > < p > in 2020, five years later, it comes back to us in another way. Its carrier is no longer a MacBook laptop, but an iPhone smartphone, which is popular around the world. But its essence has not changed, or in the magnet. < / P > < p > from the MacBook touch pad to the back of the apple watch; from the iPad Pro “floating” on the smart keyboard to the returning MagSafe charging. It has to be said that apple is really a technology company that can play with magnets. < / P > < p > this week, we also got the MagSafe accessories mentioned by Apple at the press conference: MagSafe transparent protective case and MagSafe silicone protective case for 399 yuan, and MagSafe charger for 329 yuan. After one day’s use, I’d like to talk with you about the use experience and purchase suggestions. < / P > < p > the material of this year’s silicone case is the same as that of last year. However, with the addition of MagSafe, there is a ring-shaped magnet ring inside the protective shell to give users certain instructions. The iPhone 12 module provides more protection for the camera’s square area. < / P > < p > there are eight openings at the bottom of the iPhone 12, facing the speaker area at the bottom of the iPhone 12. The addition of magnets also makes this year’s silica gel protective shell relatively heavier. < / P > < p > MagSafe transparent protective case material has changed: from TPU material to polycarbonate material, the latter has the advantages of stronger, more resistant to fall, and more difficult to cause yellowing; because of its firmness, it will be more difficult to remove or install the protective shell. < / P > < p > another way to play this time is to change the indicator color of the charging interface according to the color of the protective case. When the red MagSafe silicone protective case is put on, the system will automatically recognize and pop up the interface of the color of the protective shell. < / P > < p > we need to remind you that recently, some users have purchased the silicone protective shell with no holes at the bottom. If you encounter this situation, you can go to the apple store to replace it. In addition, because the iPhone 12’s border becomes a right angle, the iPhone 11 can’t use the iPhone 12 cover. < / P > < p > this year’s official case adds some playability with MagSafe. The price of 399 yuan is also in line with the price and quality of apple. The wireless charging mode of < 5p > has also ushered in the maximum power consumption of the iPhone. This small circular area can be attached to the iPhone 12’s fuselage to keep it stable and high charging power. < / P > < p > the other end of the charger is the type-C interface, so the previous 5v1a charger cannot be used to connect to the power supply, and the PD charger is required. < / P > < p > as for other apple and Android devices that support Qi protocol wireless charging, MagSafe wireless charger can also charge them, but the magnetic suction and charging power are not as good as the iPhone 12 series. < / P > < p > take my iPhone XS Max as an example, use MagSafe wireless charger to charge it, and the output power is maintained at about 5.2w. If you don’t plan to buy the iPhone 12, but you like it very much, and you don’t need to worry that you won’t have a “useful place” after you buy it, in essence, it is a wireless charger that supports MagSafe; on the contrary, iPhone 12 can continue to use other chargers that support Qi protocol, but the charging power is still 7.5W. < / P > < p > with the crisp “click” sound caused by magnet adsorption and the system prompt sound of “Ding”, the system UI changes with the start of wireless charging. In addition, we have to admire Apple’s attention to detail – the circle in the middle of the official iPhone 12 wallpaper coincides with the pop-up power indicator circle and the size of MagSafe charger. This experience is as pleasant as finding out that the apple logo on the middle of the iPhone coincides with the apple logo on the boot interface. < / P > < p > although the adsorption is stable, it is not easy to remove it – due to the strong suction, it is almost impossible for users to take off the phone with one hand. They can only fix one end of the charging line with one hand, and lift the device with the other hand and take out the iPhone. < / P > < p > under most of the pay as you go wireless charging schemes on the market, apple MagSafe is very unique, but its charging experience is not convenient. Moreover, the area of the charger is small, so it may take a certain period of time to achieve “blind play”. < / P > < p > with the MagSafe charger at the bottom, it is also possible to use the device in hand while charging wirelessly. We also had a simple experience with this. < / P > < p > due to the narrower body of the iPhone 12, the charger attached to the back takes up relatively large space, but the huge suction of the magnet prevents users from accidentally dropping the charger, and the fingers will naturally place on the charger. < / P > < p > wireless charging is carried out when browsing the web or using social software. The mobile phone remains warm. According to our test, the charging speed can reach about 15W of the official standard configuration, and the bright screen status is not affected. < / P > < p > although MagSafe chargers are not wired as wired, the heat from charging doesn’t make you want to take your iPhone to the canyon for a long time. If you buy a thicker case for your iPhone 12, the MagSafe charger won’t be able to charge the device. < / P > < p > Apple’s accessories have always been expensive, but users who have used them praise their quality. The smooth feel of the silicone case and the soft lining will make you feel the money is worth it. So if you want to buy a high-quality case for your iPhone 12, you’d better recommend silicone because of the variety of colors available, and the appearance of the transparent case this year is really too abrupt. < / P > < p > as for MagSafe charger, if you are an office worker and you have not used your mobile phone for a long time, this portable wireless charger has the feature of charging as you go along, and it has double wireless charging speed and cool charging animation compared with previous years. If you are a student party and have the habit of playing hand games, it is better to use line charging honestly. < / P > < p > Apple’s ideal future has always been wireless – at the iPhone 7 launch in 2016, apple canceled the 3.5mm headphone interface, and the advent of airpods also made the real wireless headset one of the most common digital products in life. < p > < p > wireless charging technology has been known as the future of charging since its birth. After a few years of dormancy, apple finally incorporated their understanding of wireless charging technology into the iPhone. The way to speed up wireless charging efficiency through magnet bonding is “apple”, but it’s just a compromise. Although the design of the product itself is very good, the combination of hardware and software is also in place, but when the novelty fades, it does not leave many amazing places. < / P > < p > maybe what we see is just a “semi-finished product” – this MagSafe answer is not excellent in terms of experience and speed. Today, Android manufacturers have achieved a maximum of 80W wireless fast charging, and the speed of only 15W is not on the future. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park