It is said that a video showing the use of MagSafe duo charger may be the first practical video of the accessory before it is officially released. On Friday local time, apple updated its website with a list of accessories, including the MagSafe duo charger. In stores, the charger, which can charge the iPhone 12 and the apple watch, is labeled “coming soon” without an official release date. < / P > < p > this video shows people how to turn on the charger and how to push the apple watch charging element up from the back of the panel in bedside mode. The charging element can also be flattened to charge the watch. < / P > < p > although the video doesn’t provide much new information, it at least shows that the MagSafe duo charger will be relatively portable. < / P > < p > it is understood that the MagSafe duo will sell for $129, but the launch date is still unclear. Given Apple’s launch in online stores and South Korean regulators’ approval of the accessory in early November, it could be available in a few weeks. Global Tech