Apple has always been a brand with its own traffic. Every new product launch will form a rich accessories industry chain. This year’s iPhone 12 brings new opportunities to the accessories industry chain. This is not only because the standard charger of Apple’s mobile phone has been cancelled, but also because the new MagSafe magnetic absorption wireless charging design has been adopted in the iPhone 12 series. As a result, a huge magnetic absorption wireless charging market centered on the iPhone 12 series has been formed, and many third-party magnetic absorption wireless charging accessories have sprung up. < / P > < p > recently, the charging head network started with a magnetic wireless charger from the online shopping platform. Its appearance design almost completely imitates Apple’s MagSafe magnetic wireless charger, and it also supports pop-up windows and voice prompts when charging the iPhone 12. Let’s continue to share the disassembly of this product and see how it is designed. < / P > < p > this magnetic wireless charger can be said to be completely modeled on the design of apple MagSafe magnetic wireless charger, with usb-c input cable, charging board shell is composed of one-piece aluminum alloy shell and top surface is made of plastic plate, the body is flat and smooth. < / P > < p > tear off the plastic plate on the top of the charging board. The coil is pasted together with the plastic plate by double-sided adhesive tape, and there is a plastic ring around it, which is used to isolate and fix the coil and the circuit board. < / P > < p > USB PD power receiving protocol chip comes from WCH qinheng, model ch224k, internal integration of pd3.0 / 2.0, bc1.2 and other fast charging protocols, automatic detection of vconn and analog E-MARK chip, up to 100W power, built-in PD communication module, simple peripheral components. In addition, the output voltage detection is integrated in the system to support overheat and overvoltage protection. < / P > < p > wireless charging SOC close-up, screen printing 5hb01, internal integration of complete wireless charging circuit, the chip includes wireless charging master control, demodulation circuit, MOS driver and MOS tube H-bridge, the degree of integration is very high. < / P > < p > although this magic wireless charger is different from Apple’s original one in terms of naming, the overall appearance of the product fully imitates the design of Apple’s MagSafe magnetic wireless charger. In fact, it can stably absorb the mobile phone in use, and the iPhone 12 can display exclusive charging animation during wireless charging, but the measured charging power is only 5W. Through further disassembly of the charging head network, it is found that the aluminum body shell of this magnetic wireless charger is very thin, with three groups of magnets, two in each group, a total of 6 magnets. In terms of wireless charging, it adopts highly integrated single-chip SOC wireless charging chip, which is one of the few mass-produced single-chip wireless charging chips in the market. There is only a qinhengwei USB PD power receiving chip outside. The PCB circuit is very simple, and the workmanship is far behind that of Apple’s original MagSafe wireless charger. Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”