In the early morning of October 14, apple held the “Annual Science and Technology Spring Festival Gala” and released the iPhone 12 series, which supports 5g for the first time. The price of the iPhone 12 Mini with the lowest price of the Bank of China was 5499 yuan, and the price of the top version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max was nearly 12000 yuan. After the launch of

new products, netizens make complaints about the crazy Tucao mode. Among them, the most powerful point is that the iPhone 12 box does not include chargers and headphones. Some people say that there is only one box left for the next generation of iPhone 13. Some netizens pointed out that apple is still asking people to buy more converters due to the compatibility of charging line interfaces. < / P > < p > as rumors have it, Apple’s iPhone 12 product line has canceled the original charger and earpods earphone that will be included in the original iPhone product package. This will further reduce carbon emissions and avoid mining and the use of precious raw materials, said Lisa Jackson, vice president of Apple’s environmental, policy and social programs. Mobile phone users make complaints about the huge change of

. On the one hand, there are some netizens Tucao not even make complaints about mobile phones. On the other hand, some netizens say that although the charger can be reused, it has introduced new charging lines that are not compatible with all the previous chargers, and is still asking users to update. < / P > < p > another netizen joked that there were no headphones and chargers in the iPhone 12 box, and there might be only one box for the iPhone 13. There is also a “this is more” campaign. < / P > < p > in fact, canceling the charger attached in the box and attaching the usb-c to lightning interface fast charging cable is only one side of the major reform in the charging mode of the iPhone 12. < / P > < p > the new iPhone 12 fully supports the new MagSafe wireless charger, which can provide a charging power of up to 15W. At present, MagSafe charger has been put on Apple’s official website, and the price is from 329 yuan. < / P > < p > Apple: there are 2 billion Apple chargers in the world that you can reuse to reduce carbon emissions, or apple: this new charger is not compatible with all the wall plugs we used on all our iPhones Buy these substitutes. < / P > < p > Apple: no chargers, because it’s bad for the environment, and people already have them; or apple: it adds usb-c interface cable, so people need to buy more converters in the end. < / P > < p > it is also worth noting that while the new iPhone 12 product line does not include chargers, it has been reported that some of Apple’s older models will no longer include chargers, including the popular affordable iPhone 11, iPhone XR and iPhone se 2. < / P > < p > the appearance and configuration of the iPhone 12 are not different from those of the iPhone 11. Although 5g function has been added, the screen refresh rate has not been increased to 120Hz, battery life has not been improved, and “qibanghai” has not been reduced, making the appearance of the mobile phone look similar. Some netizens make complaints about it, and iPhone 12 should be called iPhone 11S. < / P > < p > in addition, the affordable version of the iPhone 12 Mini is similar in size and looks a bit like the new iPhone 5 because of its right angled edge design that pays homage to jobs’ era. Global Tech