This generation of NBA 2k21 has been officially released all over the world. It has greatly enhanced the game content, online sports and community functions, as well as diversified game modes. It reproduces NBA basketball and culture in an all-round way, and provides a unique immersion experience. But after the sale, the new shooting bar and shooting mechanism caused the problem of shooting difficulty. At present, according to the official “NBA 2k21” Twitter news, the game rookie, occupation, All-Star difficulty shooting problem has been fixed. However, Damian Lillard, the spokesperson of this generation of NBA 2k21, tweeted that the newly improved shooting mechanism of NBA 2k21 was too difficult to score free throws. < p > < p > Lillard tweeted: “can’t I stand the new (NBA 2k21) shooting bar alone? I can’t even get a free throw But game producer Mike Wang shares some of the shooting techniques in his new production. < p > < p > < p > Mike Wang, the game director of NBA 2k21, pointed out on twitter that it was more difficult for 2K to achieve perfect “green” this year, and urged fans to be patient. He added that if players use the shoot button to shoot, they can try to close the “shoot bar” or use the right joystick to find the best shot time. Global Tech