U.S. carriers at & T and Verizon announced that they would give away 5g iPhones for free, showing that they are preparing to compete for new users in the potentially huge “upgrade cycle.”. The promotions announced by at & T and Verizon on Tuesday coincided with the launch of Apple’s first 5g iPhone. < / P > < p > 5giphone Apple’s most important product this year is the first major redesign of the smartphone since 2017. Operators have been looking forward to it for a long time. As shown in the promotion, every operator is eager to take advantage of this opportunity to win new users, or at least consolidate the foundation. < / P > < p > these promotions can be described as a gamble: if the mobile service provider is willing to bear the cost of purchasing a mobile phone over a two-year payment period, subscribers may be more inclined to sign up for a higher price unlimited traffic package. < / P > < p > although all operators require customers to provide qualified trade in devices and customized unlimited traffic packages, at & T is willing to offer free iPhones to new and old customers, while Verizon’s free offers are only for new customers. But regular customers who meet the criteria can get a new iPhone for just $15 a month. < / P > < p > in view of the downturn in mobile phone sales in the past few years, the arrival of 5g iPhone is expected to be a robust upgrade cycle. But as John stankey, chief executive of at & T, said, demand is likely to be affected by severe economic conditions and unemployment caused by the new epidemic. < / P > < p > whether or not people are ready for 5g iPhones, jumping to 5g can be a tricky issue for operators if customers are disappointed that their expensive new phones don’t increase the speed significantly. < / P > < p > US operators have spent billions of dollars upgrading 5g networks, which are expected to be 10 times faster than current connections. On Tuesday, Verizon became the third operator to claim nationwide 5g coverage. But at present, as operators continue to expand their networks, the ultra-high-speed 5g experience is only available in limited areas. < / P > < p > thanks to its merger with sprint, T-Mobile us, now the second-largest carrier in the United States, is also launching promotional activities. The company is offering two iPhone 12 pro’s for just $100 each to new trade in customers. The company also sold the new iPhone at half price at a discount. < / P > < p > at & T is offering offers similar to Google’s Android phones. Android users who buy new 5g devices can get a trade in discount for their Samsung, LG and Motorola phones by signing up to an at & T 5g unlimited flow package. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities

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