In previous reports, foreign media have repeatedly mentioned that the 8-inch wafer foundry is currently in a tight production capacity, which is difficult to meet the market demand. They have been considering increasing the quotation of wafer foundry next year. However, the acquisition of new factories is not an important option to meet the short-term demand of the manufacturers due to the large capacity of the new generation plants. < / P > < p > the acquisition of a mature and idle 8-inch wafer plant will save the time for building the factory, and can be put into production soon, so as to respond to the strong market demand quickly. At the same time, due to the idle factory, the price is not expected to be too high, and it is expected to save some expenses for the newly built factories. < / P > < p > chipmakers are interested in acquiring idle 8-inch fabs, and there may be tight supply of related equipment. In December, it was revealed that the device manufacturers in the current 8-inch wafer manufacturing plant were unable to meet the equipment demand. Global Tech