The official pipeline channel of square Enix released an open box video of “Marvel Avengers alliance” in its physical collection today (August 21). The work will be officially released on September 4 and will be launched on the PS4 / Xbox one / PC platform.

the marvel Avengers alliance contains hero missions and theater missions, providing players with a very rich game experience. As a part of the prelude task, hero task provides players with single player experience. Players can constantly expand their own hero team and develop their own unique abilities. Theater missions can be played in teams of 1-4 people. Each theater mission will be automatically adjusted according to the number of teams and players’ abilities.

in the game, players will be able to cultivate unique strongest heroes on the ground in many ways. Through different equipment and skill settings, each hero will be able to play his unique ability. No player’s hero operation mode will be the same. In addition, each hero has a dynamic special combo system that can be unlocked and customized, hero skills, specific moves, and signature moves – inspired by the 80 year history of marvel and the original game design.

players can also customize the classic and fans’ favorite superheroes in Marvel’s history over the past 80 years, including the Steelman suit from the 2014 “pillow trap” storyline, a tribute to the 1962 “Mystery Tour” issue 83, and Saul’s donno Blake image.

Marvel Avengers is a game with a grand view of story. The story begins with a high-risk competition among countries to restructure and establish Avengers’ Alliance. In order to give players a richer game experience, the story of Marvel Avengers alliance will continue to extend and release new superheroes. Players will be able to play the main story of these heroes for free. Global Tech