The media rating of “Marvel spider man: Miles Morales” has been lifted. Ign scored 9 points for it (the evaluation version is ps5 version). Ign said that the game was very amazing and called “Marvel spider man: Miles Morales” a wonderful sequel, which showed excellent plot and further improved on the basis of previous works. Marvel spider man: Miles Morales is a wonderful sequel, which shows excellent plot and further improves on the basis of previous works. < p > < p > < p > the content of Marvel spider man: Miles Morales may not be as rich as the previous one, but it is an essential story in the spider man universe of developer insomniac games. The excellent follow-up performance of this work has won a good reputation. The new work tells a wonderful story about miles, while improving the enemy on the basis of previous works and adding unique action design. This is also a great work for players to enter the ps5. Marvel spider man: Miles Morales has a spectacular picture and fast loading speed. It also makes full use of the new dualsense handle, directional audio and other functions. But whether you’re playing this or next generation, it’s one of the best superhero games ever played, and it’s worth playing. < p > < p > < p > “Marvel spider man: Miles Morales” is a fascinating open world action game, but it feels like a chapter missing from “Marvel Spider Man” in 2018. The game is so similar and the environment is basically the same, but this book really wants to tell a new story. < / P > < p > + in describing the cultural symbol of miles as a semi black and semi Puerto Rican resident living in Harlem, this work adds real attention, especially in describing how the culture tells people what kind of hero he wants to be. < / P > < p > GameInformer 9 (ps5): Spiderman’s new adventure story is shorter, but it’s focused and still gives people a sense of sudden excitement. Global Tech