Although “Marvel spider man: Miles Morales” has just come into the market with ps5, as an external work, the process of the game is not long. With the player’s “hard liver”, someone will pass the customs soon after the official sale on the 12th. < / P > < p > in the above video recorded by foreign players, we are shown the eggs that appear after the list of makers of the game “Marvel spider man: Miles Morales”. From the perspective of a character in a culture tank, we see Norman Osborn, mayor of the early generation of Marvel Spiderman, talking to Professor lizard, whose real name is Curtis cotter Connors. Professor lizard is also looking for a cure for the virus in Harry Osborn, son of Norman Osborn, but apparently his father, Norman Osborn, can’t wait to release his son. < / P > < p > the video above may suggest that the next Spiderman game will return to the Peter Parker storyline, while the opponents in the game may include: Dr. lizard, the green devil and venom. < p > < p > Marvel spider man: Miles Morales is now available on PS4 and ps5. Given that New York City has been built, and the follow-up works seem to be in the development stage, it may not be long before Peter Parker again swings over the city. Global Tech