Although the instrument design of Maserati MC20 is very simple, it does not mean that it lacks the sense of technology, because the manufacturer has introduced the support for Android automotive OS for this model. In addition to its striking body styling, the MC20 is equipped with a new 3.0L twin turbocharged V6 engine with an official top speed of 202 mph (325km / h). < / P > < p > but after you get into the cockpit, you will find that the inside changes more. Previously, Maserati’s models were very dependent on the spare parts supply of Fiat Chrysler (FCA). Even if the external character is clear, the on-board infotainment system makes you instantly associate with other models. < / P > < p > MC20 provides a more centralized wide screen digital instrument panel for drivers, and a touch screen for infotainment is placed in the central control position, but users can still operate through the control on the steering wheel. < p > < p > it is reported that MC20 runs Google’s Android automotive OS, which can run locally on the car system without the need for external mobile phones to display the screen. < / P > < p > the good news is that Android automotive OS, working closely with Google, can open the door to a new world for supercar owners. In addition to the third-party user experience of Google map and play, it can further expand the user experience based on Google map and play. < / P > < p > in addition, Android automotive OS supports Google assistant intelligent voice assistant, and can collect big data anonymously to provide real-time updates on traffic, weather, and even road conditions. < p > < p > in terms of audio, in addition to the optional 12 speaker Sonus Faber system, car engine restore generation supports tidal streaming media. In addition, the digital rearview mirror + instrument panel image scheme can solve the criticism of poor rear vision caused by the center engine overtaking. However, the starting price of US $210000 (1434900 RMB) means that Maserati MC20 will only be the choice of a few people. Privacy Policy