Last night, a netizen posted a post in Hupu, claiming that he was a crowdsourcing brother of meituan. He cancelled the delivery without permission and ate the chicken rack ordered by the customer. Although the income was negative on the day of being punished, he said that the chicken rack was delicious. His words and deeds caused netizens’ indignation. The netizen posted that, “I didn’t eat my lunch after work. It rained on the road, so I ran six bicycles and no electricity. There were two orders left. One took the meal and the other didn’t take it. I cancelled the delivery and took the meal back. I took it back and ate it myself. I directly deducted 24 and paid for the customer’s meal fee 22. What’s more, the chicken rack ordered by the customer is very fragrant.” He also said that “the intuitive feeling of taking out for a few days is that this job really needs no brain, but it doesn’t mean that whoever makes money easily should be respected.” Global Tech