When you go to a nice restaurant with your friends and family and order five or six dishes, the result may be that all the dishes are served in less than 10 minutes. Would you be a little curious: why is it so fast? When you order a stewed chicken rice at a roadside fast food restaurant, the waiter delivers the meal in less than two minutes. At the same time, you will have a trace of doubt: stewed chicken just takes half an hour, how can the meal be served so fast? < / P > < p > if you order a pig’s feet rice, it may be made like this: beat some rice in a bowl, add some cooked shredded potatoes, then take out the hot cooking bag, cut the opening and pour it into the bowl, and then add some marinated eggs and scallion flowers to decorate, and a pig’s feet rice will be ready. < / P > < p > for many years, restaurant operators have been thinking about how to quickly serve at peak times. In addition to speed, they are also thinking about how to reduce the waste of food preparation and how to achieve taste standardization while expanding rapidly? < / P > < p > with the rapid development of meituan takeout and hungry takeout, catering bags are widely used in the catering industry, and therefore are taken away. In fact, in addition to takeaway, food bags are widely used in fast-food chains, dinners, small street restaurants, as well as family tables, quietly sneaking into consumers’ stomachs. < p > < p > in short, the food package is the finished dishes produced in batch by the factory through industrial means. It is also called dish bag. It can be stored for a long time at low temperature and can be eaten directly after heating. < / P > < p > at present, the cooking bags are mainly divided into normal temperature cooking bags and frozen cooking bags. Industry insiders say the biggest difference between the two lies in the method of sterilization. The normal temperature cooking bag is pasteurized (high temperature sterilization), and the bacteria in the meat products are killed under the high temperature above 121 degrees, and then the food is put into a special boiling and microwave resistant pet bag for airtight sealing. < / P > < p > and the frozen food bag is to make the product reach the frozen state in an instant through various quick freezing technologies, and then the food bag is stored at – 18 ℃, so that the food bag can not produce bacteria. < / P > < p > frozen food package is regarded as a relatively perfect food package product in the industry, because it adopts the way of instantaneous rapid freezing. When thawing, the water is absorbed by the food, so the juice and nutrition are not lost. In addition, the taste of frozen food package is better than that of normal temperature food package. The former is close to stir fried food, while the latter is similar to steamed food due to high temperature sterilization, such as meat lacking chewiness. However, the cost of frozen food packing is higher, because it has certain requirements for transportation and packaging conditions. In order to ensure that moisture is not lost during transportation, the whole process of low temperature – 18 ℃ is required, and businesses also need to have refrigerators for storage. So chain restaurants usually use frozen food bags. < / P > < p > Zhang Shuang works in a catering bag factory. For example, three cups of chicken, mushrooms and sliced chicken, stewed meat rice and so on, which are commonly used in takeout, are all made from catering bags. < / P > < p > the owner of a fast-food restaurant used the food bag. He said that customers pay attention to their mobile phones after ordering, and will not pay attention to what the kitchen does, as long as it is not bad. < / P > < p > according to Zhang Min, almost all the rice products of famous fast-food brands are made with cooking bags; chain fast-food brands include Yoshinoya, zhenkungfu, ruangji, etc., as well as street fast-food restaurants such as stewed chicken rice and old duck vermicelli soup, a large part of which are buyers of cooking bags. < / P > < p > the popularity of food packaging has also made a large number of factories prosperous, especially in Sichuan and other southwest provinces. Zhang Shuang’s factory is in Sichuan, and the sales volume of the factory is about 50 million yuan a month. Wang Yifei is an executive in a food bag manufacturer. According to him, it’s not a problem for their factory to issue 1 million orders a day. Famous customers are all over the country, such as “Simi baozi” in Wuhan and “Ruyi Chaosha” in Suzhou. Their rice packages are purchased from the factory. < p > < p > Guangzhou stew and stew Food Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of Chinese food packets. On their official website, there are many well-known companies such as meituan, Shanghai Disneyland Resort, histar and China Eastern Airlines. < / P > < p > with the growth of demand, the catering package manufacturers are also rising. According to new ingredients magazine, in 2015, the domestic food package industry entered a period of rapid development, especially after 2015, a large number of small manufacturers appeared rapidly; from 2016 to 2017, the market growth was the most dramatic. Today, there is no authoritative data on the number of domestic catering contractors. If you search for enterprises with “catering package” in their business scope, there will be 730 enterprises. Leting, an entrepreneur in the catering industry, mentioned that the annual output value of domestic small-scale catering contractors can exceed 100 million yuan, while the annual revenue of several industry leaders exceeds 1 billion yuan, while the annual revenue of steaming, stewing and cooking has reached 1.7 billion yuan, but this figure has not been officially confirmed. < / P > < p > take Shengnong development (002299) as an example, it was a listed company that originally focused on broiler breeding, slaughtering, processing and sales. At the end of 2018, they entered the food bag Market and launched 24 kinds of food bag products, including mushroom sliced chicken, Sichuan spicy chicken, three cup chicken, pickled chicken, curry potato chicken nugget, etc. < / P > < p > not only that, Shengnong has also established a special factory for Chinese food, with a design capacity of 30000 tons. Its main products are 24 kinds of Chinese food package products and group food products. In addition to the products on sale, there are 107 products reserved for development. < / P > < p > the synchronous development of cooked food and raw food hyperbola has become the long-term strategy of Shengnong. As of the end of the third quarter of this year, the income of cooked food sector has accounted for 32.08% of its main business income, while the company’s operating income in the first three quarters of this year reached 9.95 billion yuan. < / P > < p > according to the feasibility study report of China’s food packaging market from 2020 to 2024 issued by the new thinking Industry Research Center, with reference to the growth rate of the take out industry which drives the growth of the food packaging market, it is expected that the scale of China’s food packaging market is expected to maintain a growth rate of more than 10% in the future. The

bag is not a new thing that has just come into existence. It originated in Japan, and began to enter Chinese mainland in the 90s of last century. It is widely used in airports, stations, cafes and other scenes, becoming the mainstream of the Ming Dynasty cremation catering. < / P > < p > according to the “insight into the super digital practice of Chinese catering merchants 2020” released by Analysys, the scale of Internet catering takeout transactions exceeded 727.4 billion yuan in the whole year of 2019. According to the data of meituan Research Institute, by the end of 2019, the number of takeout consumers in China was about 460 million, an increase of 12.7% compared with the end of 2018, accounting for about 50.7% of the 900 million Internet users and 53.9% of China’s urban permanent residents. < / P > < p > “in the fast-paced living environment, the demand for socialized catering is expanding. Fast food, takeout, group meal and other catering types that can quickly solve the problem of eating usher in a period of rapid development.” A research paper of Western Securities believes that in the face of this consumption trend, it will become an irreversible trend to break through the bottleneck of production capacity and meet the requirements of diversified Chinese food and standardized production. < / P > < p > for takeout merchants, one of the pain points of takeout is the requirement of fast delivery. The conflicts between the hot fried couriers and restaurants, the conflicts between couriers and users, and the delivery couriers trapped by the system are all caused by “speed”. < / P > < p > the food bag is the salvation of speed. Because almost all of the finished products can be served in 2-3 minutes by boiling, frying pan, microwave oven and other ways, while businesses only need to prepare staple food such as hot rice or noodles. < / P > < p > according to the wholesale price list provided by Wang Yifei, a senior manager of the food bag manufacturer, the unit price of most food bags is less than 10 yuan, or even less than 5 yuan. For example, the ex factory prices of 200g / bag of curry chicken and Gongbao chicken are 3.9 yuan and 4.5 yuan respectively. However, the retail price can reach 20-30 yuan / share. According to this calculation, most of the cost of food materials accounts for less than 30%. < / P > < p > a catering industry worker said that the price was really normal. Due to the cost of taking out platform, labor and rent, the cost of food materials of most catering businesses should be controlled below 30%. In other words, the cost of a 20 yuan fast food is less than 6 yuan. Only in this way can we make money. < / P > < p > cooking bag can also help businesses reduce labor costs: it not only saves the washing and other links, but also more importantly, with cooking bag, businesses can hire fewer or no chefs. After all, the simple processing method of cooking bag determines that it has almost no requirements for cooking skills. < / P > < p > “you don’t have a store, you don’t have a kitchen team, you don’t know how to cook, you can also open a takeout shop with a single hot pot, as long as you can heat the dishes in a pot.” < p > < p > Zhang Shuang of the above-mentioned food bag manufacturer thinks that the most concern of chain restaurants is not whether the taste can be achieved to the extreme, but that the taste can not be unified. Only in this way can batch replication and large-scale expansion be carried out. < / P > < p > “Chinese food is bound to be industrialized.” Wang Yifei believes that, compared with KFC and McDonald’s, Chinese food has a great disadvantage that it is difficult to achieve standardization. The basic skills, heat and seasoning level of chefs will affect the taste. Therefore, Chinese food has been exploring the means of standardization. < / P > < p > a person in the catering industry said that many well-known catering brands will also cooperate with the catering factory, but these enterprises adopt a highly customized way. < / P > < p > in order to prevent the leakage of customized products, large catering enterprises usually have two methods: one is that the formula is not told to the factory, and their people go into the ingredients room to make it by themselves; the other is that they ask the factory to make the formula to their satisfaction, and the formula is sent to the catering enterprise as a condition, and the factory should sign a confidentiality agreement. < / P > < p > in addition to using external catering contractors, some large catering brands, such as Xibei youmiancun and Haidilao, have built their own central kitchens to produce food packages. In the national chain catering brand, 60% – 70% have their own central kitchen. In the past, in people’s cognition, the central kitchen was mainly engaged in the processing of food materials, such as cleaning vegetables in advance, curing meat in advance, mixing seasoning, etc., and making some semi-finished products. < p > < p > on October 28, the self heating food brand “zihi pot” announced that it had completed more than 50 million US dollars in round C financing, with an estimated value of US $500 million. This round of financing is led by CICC capital, and the old shareholder Jingwei China continues to invest. Five months ahead, they have just completed round B financing, and round a financing has just passed for less than a year. < / P > < p > according to the public information, in the first half of 2020, the sales performance of ziheiguo reached 600 million yuan. In addition, in this year’s tmall double 11, zihi pot has become the sales champion of hot pot category with sales of more than 100 million yuan. Since the sales target of hi pot in 2020 is to reach 1 billion yuan, by the end of double 11, the target of this year has been completed ahead of schedule. < / P > < p > according to le Ding, an entrepreneur in the food and packaging industry, fast food is also food