On September 11, meituan review announced in the Hong Kong stock exchange that the name of the company was to be simplified to meituan. After the approval of the special meeting of shareholders, the corresponding simplification process will be started for the share names in the Hong Kong stock exchange. The name of the shares will be changed by the Companies Registry of the Cayman Islands and a new company certificate will be issued. The Chinese and English names will be simplified to meituan and meituan respectively, and the share code number will remain unchanged at 3690. In this regard, Sohu technology verified the future operation plan of the app from meituan. The other side said, “review has always been one of meituan’s businesses, belonging to the comprehensive business of meituan to store. As in the past, app will remain independent operation.” < / P > < p > the simplification of the company name is another key measure for the unification and integration of meituan’s online and offline traffic and brand. In June last year, meituan announced that the brand changed color, and the main color of meituan brand was upgraded to “meituan yellow”. Not only the online app visual changes to yellow, but also the off-line contact points and interactive portals of meituan such as bicycles, power banks, POS machines, etc. also turn yellow. < p > < p > the relevant person in charge said that “meituan” will be the simplified company brand, in addition to a series of product brands, including public comments, meituan takeout, meituan bicycles, meituan Hotel, meituan preferred, cat’s eye, etc. As an entry point and content sharing platform for life consumption decisions, public comments has always maintained independent development. Since 2017, it has launched “must eat list”, “must series”, “Black Pearl” and other list products to help consumers find and explore a wide range of local life services. As of December 31, 2019, the platform has accumulated more than 7.7 billion user comments on millions of businesses in China. < p > < p > in the first half of this year, 2.952 million riders received income from meituan, and 1.386 million new riders’ jobs were created. Meituan has played a positive role in stabilizing employment. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia