According to the official website of the Ministry of natural resources, Beijing Meida Zhida Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained the first-class surveying and mapping qualification certificate for navigation electronic map production. According to the national enterprise credit information publicity system, Beijing Meida Zhida Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of meituan. Meituan’s exclusive response to Sina Technology said that meituan’s Beijing Meida Zhida Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained this qualification. Map is the infrastructure of life service e-commerce platform, and meituan will carry out relevant work orderly in accordance with national laws and regulations. In fact, meituan has been laying out maps for a long time. In August last year, foreign media reported on the development of meituan map service. At that time, meituan explained that in the organizational upgrading at the end of October 2018, LBS Platform was established, including LBS service, online car hailing, large transportation and other departments, including map business, aiming to further enhance the basic service capacity of lbs. In June this year, in order to strengthen the integration of online and offline traffic brands and strengthen the construction of meituan platform, the original LBS Platform’s subordinate power bank business department, two wheel business department, public transport business department and map service department were adjusted to meituan platform. < p > < p > the story of meituan and the first-class surveying and mapping qualification of navigation electronic map making has been told from last year to this year. But what does it mean for meituan to win the qualification? < p > < p > Li Xiang, CEO of ideal automobile, once said: “high precision map is something that can’t be bypassed by automatic driving.” To draw high-precision maps independently, we must have relevant qualifications. According to the notice on strengthening the production test and application management of automatic driving map issued by the State Bureau of surveying, mapping and geographic information in 2016, automatic driving map (i.e. high-precision map) is a new type and an important part of navigation electronic map, and its data collection, editing, processing and production must be undertaken by the unit with the mapping qualification of navigation electronic map production. Specifically, for meituan, the application scenario of automatic driving may be delivery. In 2016, meituan established the unmanned vehicle distribution project team. In 2017, the project team was upgraded to unmanned Distribution Department. In 2018, meituan unmanned distribution open platform was launched. In the conference call after the second quarter of 2020, Wang Xing, CEO of meituan, mentioned that meituan has been developing unmanned distribution technology for many years. He believes that once the application is successful, it will significantly improve the distribution efficiency and reduce the distribution cost per order. “It will come, but we still need to be patient.” < / P > < p > this is not an easy thing. Autopilot can form sensor sense redundancy through high precision map and its established environment model to ensure safe driving, but it is mainly applied to outdoor environment such as road, traffic light, traffic flow, etc. In contrast, takeout unmanned distribution also involves office buildings, elevators and other closed areas with high pedestrian density. For meituan, the difficulty of distribution is concentrated in the “last kilometer”, so the map data required is more special – this is one of the reasons why it needs to build its own map. Jia Jianjun, President of Aoku radar Asia Pacific region and former vice president of Gaode map, said in an interview with sina science and technology that the last kilometer of unmanned distribution, due to the limitation of road right and speed, logistics vehicles have to take auxiliary roads, non motorized lanes, internal roads and sidewalks. Generally speaking, high-precision map makers focus on the main and auxiliary roads of the city used by passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The existing third-party high-precision maps can not meet meituan’s requirements in this respect. Only by self-development can they cover the details one by one. In addition, the elements of the general map will not include small static obstacles, while the boundary piles, speed limit belts, parking piles, curbs and other static obstacles in the community will have a direct impact on the driving of unmanned distribution vehicles. The high-precision map made by ourselves will mark out the obstacles to make the route planning and collision avoidance more reasonable. In addition, the rich and unique data collected by meituan should be integrated with high-precision maps, which is very close. If we use third-party basic maps, how to better match and protect intellectual property rights is also a difficult problem. In the background of meituan’s boundless competition, big picture merchants are all backed by internet giants. The potential competitive relationship makes long-term cooperation more and more difficult. It’s better for us to take the initiative to obtain qualification. This is an important premise for meituan to vigorously arrange unmanned distribution. During the epidemic period, “contactless distribution” has become the key word of takeout distribution, and unmanned distribution is equivalent to its foreseeable next step. Recently, meituan opened an AI retail store in Beijing Shougang Winter Olympic Park, realizing the combination of unmanned retail and unmanned distribution. According to meituan, there are two unmanned delivery vehicles in the park. In addition to packing bags, other processes can be completed automatically. Jia Jianjun believes that compared with unmanned delivery, unmanned delivery is less difficult, because the delivery system and route are more clear – from logistics stations to communities, offices, etc.; delivery is not the case, it needs to pick up meals from different businesses and then carry out multi-point delivery. If the former is a pair of N, the latter is n to n. “The route of delivering meals is more complicated. I am more optimistic about the early landing of unmanned distribution in the field of logistics.” < / P > < p > high safety factor and low cost are the obvious advantages of unmanned distribution. However, not only is the “last kilometer”, but also quite a number of catering stores in the “first kilometer” have extremely complex environment and a long way to go. In Jia Jianjun’s opinion, unmanned distribution vehicles may take the lead in fresh food delivery and other scenarios. For example, it is the task of unmanned distribution vehicles to deliver vegetables from the vegetable market to the distribution points in the community. The door-to-door business is left to the riders. In large parks, the unmanned delivery vehicles go to the door of buildings, and the users raise themselves. This is actually the same as the pilot project of meituan in Shougang Park, and the key lies in the wide range promotion and popularization And. At present, meituan’s business is mainly composed of three parts: catering delivery, arrival and wine travel, and new business including travel and fresh food, whether it is catering stores, hotels, travel destinations On the map, it’s all one place. In other words, the map carries this information and will be more closely combined with the above-mentioned business in different scenarios. < p > < p > meituan is exploring possible mass production solutions. Jia Jianjun predicted that within three to five years, riders would still be the main force of takeout distribution. Users are used to delivering meals to the door, but the matter of going upstairs can only be solved by riders in a short time. Perhaps, the combination of unmanned delivery vehicles and riders will become the norm. Unmanned delivery vehicles will deliver the takeout to the door of the community, and each community will set up a stationed rider to deliver the goods to the door. “In the future, this matching mechanism may become more normalized and gradually penetrate the market.” Of course, all this will take time. At least, with the first-class qualification certificate of navigation electronic map production, meituan can speed up. Global Tech