Apple is planning to retire its “music memos” app, which was first released in 2016, to allow musicians and composers to capture song ideas on the road. < / P > < p > according to Apple’s supporting documents, “music memos” will no longer be available for download after March 1, 2021, but the app is still available and can be downloaded from the app store purchase record. However, apple said users should still export recordings of music memos into the voice memos library to ensure they are saved, and the company encourages users to use voice memos instead of music memos. < / P > < p > apple on Thursday updated music memos to version 1.0.7, adding a new feature that allows you to export music memos recordings to the voice memos library. Apple says voice memos can be used to capture ideas quickly, and recording can be further done through garageband. < / P > < p > exporting music memos to voice memos requires iPhone with IOS 14 or iPad with iPad os14, as well as the latest versions of voice memos and music memos. The exported content will appear in a folder called music memos in voice memos. Global Tech