The foldable electric scooter is a convenient way from the traffic hub to the office, not to mention the fun of driving it. After launching the EQ series of all electric vehicles, Mercedes is now looking to the last mile of electric commuting with a foldable electric scooter called ESCOOTER. < / P > < p > ESCOOTER is jointly launched by meiben and micro mobility systems AG of Switzerland, and the two companies’ brands are printed on the steering wheel. It folds from 1096 mm (43.1 in) ready to ride height to 340 mm (13.4 in) and has a 145 mm (5.7 in) wide deck with a skid resistant coating over 5000 km (3100 miles). < / P > < p > the 13.5 kg (29.7 lb) electric scooter is equipped with a 250W electric motor, a torsion throttle control on the right side of the handlebar, and has a battery capacity of 7.8ah/280wh. It can slide about 25km (15.5mi) per charge and can reach a speed of 20km (12.4mph). And it was approved to ride on public roads in Germany. < / P > < p > its front and rear tires are all 200 mm (7.8 inch) rubber tires with a complete suspension system, headlights and taillights, and the stopping force comes from one front brake and two rear brakes. < / P > < p > there’s a display in the center of the handlebar that shows speed, charge level and riding mode, but the extra micro phone app provides all these and more, including a navigation system, so you can connect the phone to a bracket on the handlebar and use it as a trip computer. < / P > < p > Mercedes or micro didn’t hear about the launch date or pricing of ESCOOTER, but it did look like a pull-out version of the latter’s Micro explorer, priced at 1149.95 euros (about $1350). Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities

By ibmwl