The official account of microblog lottery platform (@ microblog lottery platform) released a news release on September 9 that @ xinxiaodai, a user, cooperated with the program team of super anchor king to launch a prize winning activity with the theme of “xinxiaodai transferring Chinese Koi with one yuan”. Therefore, the cooperators, brands and businesses of the award-winning activity cancelled their cooperation intention, and the award-winning activity could not be continued, and the station recognized it as an illegal lottery. Although there is no malicious fraud in xinxiaodai, as the publisher of award-winning activities, it should also bear part of the responsibility. According to the relevant provisions of the “micro blog business conduct standard measures”, a heavier punishment will be imposed, with a three-month ban, and 20 credit points will be deducted. The lottery activities released by its follow-up response should be opened normally, and the station can provide necessary convenience for the lottery.

in October 2018, the 26 year old “letter little stay” won the Alipay prize. The prize value was more than one million, which was dubbed “China Koi” by netizens. After winning the prize, Xin xiaodai quit his job very soon and became a travel blogger from a programmer and started “Koi’s tour around the world”. After that, her personal social media basically sent a travel photo or advertised various products in the name of “Koi”. < p > < p > on September 7, “xinxiaodai” announced that it had decided to transfer “China Koi”, which changed her destiny, to the next lucky person, hoping that he or she could pass on this luck all the time. However, she, as a “backward wave”, would like to start a new career and face a new life and new challenges. < p > < p > on August 8, “xinxiaodai” said that her new career was to participate in the world’s first large-scale anchor talent show “super anchor king”. The program group also provided prizes for China’s new Koi in 2020, including a suite in Hainan, a car, and so on. The Koi people’s design + big award temptation. Xinxiaodai’s two consecutive microblogs have been forwarded more than 900000. However, just a day later, Wuhan shiziliusheng Cultural Media Co., Ltd., the microblog certification company of super anchor king, clarified that: “we have been embezzled by @ super anchor king to conduct enterprise certification. At present, we have filed with the public security organ.” In the query, “super anchor king” did not make any reply and directly cancelled the official microblog. < p > < p > on the afternoon of the 9th, “xinxiaodai” issued a micro blog to apologize to netizens, saying that he had participated in the activity on the spur of the moment, and had not studied the details of the activity too much, so he accepted the invitation of the activity party and participated in the promotion activity. However, she realized that there were a lot of problems in this activity and there was no relevant qualification when she cooperated with the publicity of the activity party. However, her own carelessness and carelessness further expanded the event and made the event ferment more and more big. < / P > < p > she apologized to everyone. As a public figure, she accepted the invitation of the activity party without confirming the partner’s qualification and other matters in detail, and released two warm-up microblogs of the activities, which caused trouble to everyone. I’m really sorry. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure