Recently, the research institute DSCC analyzed that in the next few years, micro LED TV will usher in rapid growth, and its market size is expected to rise from $25 million in 2020 to $228 million in 2026. However, according to DSCC data, the penetration rate of micro LED TV in the TV market is still very small, accounting for only 0.1% of the market by 2026. For comparison, six years after the commercialization of OLED TV, the market size will reach 2.5 billion US dollars in 2019. Compared with OLED, microoled has the advantages of self illumination, no burning screen, and can drive ultra-high resolution. It is known as “the display technology of the future”. At present, many terminal manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, TCL and Konka, are laying out micro LED TV products. Sharp plans to set up a new company to focus on micro LED display technology. However, the popularization of microled faces the challenge of price and cost. According to previous reports, Samsung’s 146 inch first generation micro led “the wall” is expected to be about $100000, and the price of Konka 8K micro LED TV is as high as 8.88 million yuan. According to DSCC, the high price of micro LED TV will be the main factor hindering the rapid growth of its market share. At present, micro LED is still in its early stage and far from reaching the level of mass production. Global Tech