Dogs dream, and dreams are happy. The dog’s name is Rufus – its owners are all using Microsoft products, and this dog dreams of living a human life. That means it will live in our world, fly an airplane and talk to the Microsoft team. < / P > < p > it is reported that the video advertisement was produced in cooperation with Macon in New York. In the video, the dog reminds users that this year’s festival is different from previous festivals – because people are still living in a global epidemic – and most families will not have the opportunity to connect as usual. Rufus also missed his friend, another dog. Instead of seeing his best dog friend, Rufus went to see my world. In addition, he launched the halo in action. By the way, Rufus also chats with a group of friends from the Microsoft team. < / P > < p > best of all, Rufus flies. Rufus and his friends fly custom fighter jets for special effects. Rufus’s plane is red and white with his name on it. Rufus’s friend Sam had a similar design on a yellow plane with a black checkers. < / P > < p > users will be able to use these planes in the official Microsoft Flight simulator game later this month. Later this month, flight simulators will use special “festival lights and magic” to decorate 12 cities around the world. In addition, some virtual reality players will find support. < / P > < p > it is understood that players will now be able to discover the “dogtopia” world provided by blockworks for free in my world. That will be in minecraft marketplace and minecraft with Java. But it’s not known if you’ll see an update to halo about this dog. Global Tech