In response to the recent exposure of solarwinds supply chain attacks, the U.S. cyber security and infrastructure Agency (CISA) issued a warning requiring government agencies, key infrastructure entities and private sector organizations to pay attention to, investigate and take appropriate measures. CISA said there was evidence that there were problems with other access media in addition to the solarwinds Orion platform. In a statement from Microsoft, Microsoft said it found Trojan like solarwinds Orion application in its environment, but did not find that hackers turned to production systems and then used these systems against customers. < / P > < p > Microsoft said: “like other solarwinds customers, we have been actively looking for indicators of this actor and can confirm that we have detected malicious solar wind installation files in our environment, which have been isolated and deleted by us. We found no evidence of access to production services or customer data. The investigation we’re doing doesn’t find any sign that our system has been used to attack others. ” < / P > < p > Microsoft has now joined a high-profile list of entities that have been hacked through backdoor updates to the solarwinds Orion network monitoring application. The vast majority of these victims are U.S. government agencies, such as: < / P > < p > network security company fireeye is the only private company to admit that hackers have hacked into the solarwinds platform, which was implanted by malware. Fireeye and Microsoft were the first security companies to confirm the solarwinds hacking on Sunday, and both provided extensive reports on how the vulnerability occurred. The two companies are also involved in efforts to crack down on domains used to command and control malware used in solarwinds hack. Global Tech