Microsoft recently launched primero X in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund. The software is an open source case management web application that helps social service providers support vulnerable children and women. According to the United Nations Children’s fund, the arrival of primero x comes at a time when the number of cases of domestic and gender based violence related to covid-19 is increasing, and the tool can help address these problems. < / P > < p > the new version of primero x jointly launched by the two organizations can be deployed more quickly and can be used offline / online on any device, which can better protect the privacy of children at risk, and help workers better deliver the quality and consistency of care. Justin spelhaug, Microsoft’s head of global impact technology, commented on primero X: “we firmly believe that technology can be a useful force in these challenging times, in the covid-19 In the meantime, our partnership with the United Nations Children’s fund has become particularly important in providing support to vulnerable children and women. Primero is improving the quality and consistency of care for social workers so that they can focus on those who need it most. ” Global Tech