Today, Microsoft announced its biggest investment in Greece in the past 28 years. As part of the “GR for growth” program, Microsoft will build a new data center and establish a Microsoft cloud computing area in Greece. By 2025, Microsoft also hopes to train about 100000 digital technicians in Greece. < / P > < p > with the establishment of a new Greek data center region, Microsoft has 63 cloud regions in the world. After the new cloud data center area is put into use, alpha bank, European bank, National Bank of Greece, OTE group, Piraeus bank and public power company (DEI) are all planned to use. < p > < p > Microsoft president Brad Smith said: “in terms of investment scale, this is the largest investment Microsoft has made in Greece in 28 years. This partly reflects our confidence that our world’s leading data center technology can help bring innovation and growth to the Greek economy as a whole. In addition, this huge investment reflects our optimism about the future of Greece, the foresight of the Greek government and the continued economic recovery of the country. “. Global Tech