According to foreign media reports, bukalapak is one of Indonesia’s leading e-commerce platforms. It currently serves more than 6 million online sellers, 6 million Mitra bukalapaks and 100 million users. Today (November 3 local time), Microsoft announced that it would make a strategic investment in bukalapak. As part of the collaboration, bukalapak will use azure as the preferred cloud platform. < / P > < p > in addition, both companies will explore opportunities to help make the digital world relevant to everyone’s daily lives. Microsoft will also provide digital skills training for bukalapak employees and their businesses. “Bukalapak and their services have had a real and lasting impact on Indonesian society, and their innovative thinking in a rapidly changing market will create new opportunities for businessmen, businesses and consumers,” said Haris izmee, President of Microsoft Indonesia. We are happy to give bukalapak a trusted cloud that allows them to extend their customer experience on Microsoft azure. Through this partnership, businesses and consumers will have a more efficient and reliable buying and selling experience, which will create business flexibility and help accelerate the growth of Indonesia’s digital economy. ” However, Rachmat kaimuddin, CEO of bukalapak, said: “this cooperation marks our in-depth cooperation with Microsoft on a series of technology projects, which will change technology driven business solutions, operational solutions and Indonesian operations. As a global technology leader, Microsoft’s confidence in bukalapak highlights our position as a technology leader in Indonesia and our goal of continuing to create a positive impact on our country and our customers. ” Privacy Policy