While announcing that it will establish the 63rd data center in Greece, Microsoft also launched a new initiative called “GR for growth”. Onmsft reports that it aims to support local economic development and promote the transformation to digital through infrastructure investment and digital skills training of cloud services. < / P > < p > it is reported that the new data center will provide enterprise customers with local access to azure, Microsoft 365 and dynamics 365, taking into account compliance, security, privacy and data residency, and help Microsoft achieve its long-term goal of negative carbon emissions by 2030. Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, said: although it has been in Greece for 28 years, the new data center is still the biggest investment the company has made in Greece. < / P > < p > to some extent, this reflects Microsoft’s confidence in achieving economic innovation and growth in Greece through the world’s leading data center technology. < / P > < p > Microsoft added: “our goal is to upgrade the digital skills of about 100000 public sector, business / IT specialists, and education practitioners / students to support the full-scale transformation of public and private institutions to digital.”. < / P > < p > finally, Microsoft firmly believes that the new investment marks a major milestone in the enterprise’s mission. It is expected that the new data center will create more than 10000 jobs for local residents in 2025, and will generate 1 billion euro financial benefits for the company in the next five years. Global Tech

By ibmwl