Microsoft today announced a public preview of the password management and autofill features in the authenticator app. Like any password management app, authenticator will help you automatically fill in strong passwords for any website you visit. These passwords will be synchronized on your mobile device and on your desktop, and you can fill them in automatically when you need them. On the desktop PC, you can also call the saved password on the extension of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. < / P > < p > then go to the & quot; password & quot; tab to log in with a Microsoft account or synchronize the password from a Microsoft account that has been added to the authenticator application. Finally, the authenticator is used as the default auto fill provider on the phone. < / P > < p > you can also synchronize and automatically fill in these passwords in Microsoft edge, and if you also use Google Chrome on your desktop, you can also use the extensions to synchronize and automatically fill in the same passwords. Privacy Policy