So far, the app can be used to unlock accounts using two factor authentication (2fa), but the IOS app is clearly ready to become an alternative to Apple’s icloud service to automatically fill in passwords on the web. < / P > < p > on IOS 14, users can try to enable Microsoft authenticator to fill in the password automatically, but in the normal version of the application, this will display a pop-up window of & quot; coming & quot. However, the Spanish blog Microsoft has successfully implemented its work with a beta APP, and you can see the following screenshots: < / P > < p > as authenticator begins to act as a password manager, it will be able to fill in all passwords stored in your Microsoft account. If on a PC, users are used to using Microsoft edge as the main browser and use it to synchronize passwords on all devices, then authenticator can bring them all to IOS devices. < / P > < p > it’s not clear when the feature will be available to the public, but it would be a good thing to have a free alternative to Apple’s icloud service, which is only available for IOS and MacOS devices. Global Tech