Recently, Microsoft acquired five game development studios through the US $7.5 billion acquisition of zenimax media, including bethsda, a European and American RPG developer that players are very familiar with. This will add a strong force to the Xbox brand in the future competition. Although the $7.5 billion acquisition has exceeded the record of the game industry, it seems that Microsoft has no intention of stopping. In an interview with the media, Microsoft CEO Satya NADELLA talked about the acquisition of bethsda and the implications for Microsoft’s future. NADELLA said he believes software will be the key to Microsoft’s progress. So while bethsda joined Microsoft and raised the total number of Xbox game studios to 23 teams, NADELLA doesn’t seem to see this as the last acquisition by Microsoft. Looking back at the past history of bethsda and Microsoft, NADELLA said, “we will always look for common goals, missions and cultures.” “We always want non organic growth where it makes sense.” < p > < p > including bethsda, which was recently acquired, Microsoft has 23 Xbox game studios. Microsoft was also said to be one of the potential buyers when Warner was preparing to sell its gaming division. Considering the size of Microsoft and the abundant funds on hand, it is almost the most effective way to continue to launch the “cash ability” to enhance its game competitiveness. For players, it is also a good thing that they can visit these masterpieces for the first time through the low-cost XGP. Global Tech