Microsoft has always attached great importance to the importance of lobbying to the government for many years. Today, John frank, vice president of UN affairs, explained their mission objectives in the UN. Microsoft opened the UN office earlier this year, and in the past few months, Microsoft has spent a lot of time building relationships with the UN community and expanding its involvement. < / P > < p > environmental sustainability, reducing emissions for a more sustainable future, reducing waste, promoting new ways to ensure access to clean drinking water, and maintaining and protecting the biodiversity and health of the world’s ecosystems. < / P > < p > defend democracy and cyber peace, promote strong democratic and electoral systems, and advocate clear traffic rules for state actors in cyberspace. < / P > < p > today, at the 75th UN General Assembly, Microsoft will hold a series of activities on each of the six priority themes during the high-level week. Microsoft will also participate in UN sponsored events and other online programs, including Concordia’s 10th annual summit. According to Microsoft, many of the major challenges facing today’s society can only be effectively solved through the actions of multiple stakeholders. Whether it is public health, environmental sustainable development, cyber security, cyber terror or the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, Microsoft believes that they need not only international cooperation between governments, but also inclusive initiatives from civil society and private sector organizations. < / P > < p > Microsoft worked with Gzero media and the Eurasian Group to provide briefing, analysis and debate on the most pressing issues facing the 75th session of the UN General Assembly. Global Tech