Like Google browser, Microsoft edge now allows you to personalize your new tab experience with themes and wallpapers of your choice. To make things more interesting, Microsoft is adding new themes to edge’s plug-in store, where you can download extensions and themes. Microsoft recently released two new themes that change the way you look at the edge tab. According to the company’s expansion store, the two themes released by Microsoft are “magic woman 1984 theme” and “League of heroes.”. < / P > < p > when you install the first theme & quot; Wonder Woman & quot; theme, Microsoft says it will change the look and feel of the edge home page to create a visual experience directly inspired by the movie. For example, you’ll notice that magic woman’s wallpaper has been applied to the new tab, and Microsoft will change the color of the tabs. < / P > < p > again, if you install the second theme, Microsoft will add a twitter streaming bar to the edge’s new tab. You’ll also get a new wallpaper for the home page. You can search and download these two topics in the edge extension store. Microsoft edge 86, released last week, includes support for custom images or wallpapers, according to the official change log. < / P > < p > Microsoft says users can also use group policy to add custom images to new tabs. Administrators can manage this feature for all installed Microsoft edge by configuring group policy. It should be noted that at present, the support for the official theme of edge is very limited, but Microsoft has confirmed that users can also install themes from Google’s Chrome store. Because edge is based on chromium, you can download and apply any chrome theme you like without any big problems. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure