The new phase will officially kick off on July 30. After the new version is built and released, the development team will release the complete release notes.

the new invitation mentioned above will be issued from now on. Players who receive an invitation before July 30 will also have access to the internal beta preview.

this week, microsoft flight simulation also announced some updates to the partner series and released a preview video jointly produced with the online flight network VATSIM. In the next few weeks, the development team is expected to share more details about the partner series.

at the same time, the latest version of the feedback snapshot has also been released, but it is still at the stage that only insider testers can access. Surprisingly, the previous version of v5.01 has not been publicly available.

previous release models have shown that development teams usually push a snapshot during the preview and public phase phases, and then push it to the insider tester. As for more, please wait patiently for the update announcement next week.