Microsoft and asobo recently announced another new feature that will be supported by the new Microsoft Flight Simulation. “Microsoft Flight Simulation” will cooperate with VATSIM, the name should be familiar to the old users of flight simulation software.

VATSIM, full name of virtual air traffic simulation network, is a non-profit organization operating on the Internet. It provides a connection platform for computers equipped with simulation flight software or radar software, so as to give users a simulated real flight environment. On the network of VATSIM, both pilots and air traffic controllers should follow the rules of VATSIM, follow the real weather, civil aviation regulations, flight procedures, routes, charts, etc. to use the services of VATSIM, so as to achieve the flight environment closest to the real world. It also provides training for pilots and air traffic controllers.

the government has also released a new trailer for this feature. In addition, the beta test invitation will be issued today, and the start date of the new phase test has been set as July 30.

microsoft flight simulation will be launched for windows 10 on August 18. Currently, there is no release date window for xboxone version.