Earlier, the official account of @ msfsofficial answered netizens’ questions on twitter, saying that the VR function update of microsoft flight simulation will come in December this year. Last week, asobo studio announced the exact date during the live broadcast of twitter – December 23! At the same time, the development team will launch a game content update called “SIM Update 2”. < p > < p > in July this year, Microsoft said that the flight simulation game would receive VR support in the future, but it was limited to the upcoming HP reverb G2 and windows MR head display. < / P > < p > the good news is that during last week’s live twitch, asobo studio confirmed that other VR manufacturers’ head displays would also receive free support. “We will open the VR experience to all people and all devices, including many products from oculus and valve,” said martial Bossard, producer of < / P > < p >. < / P > < p > finally, asobo studio hopes to support Microsoft Flight Simulation for at least 10 years, and some free content updates have been disclosed on the roadmap. < p > < p > following last week’s world update in the US (the second wave), the UK will also usher in the third world content update on January 28. As for the Xbox Console platform, the exact arrival time has not yet been disclosed. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities