According to foreign media reports, Microsoft is launching a new function called FPS boost for the Xbox series X / s host platform, which aims to make old games experience more smoothly on new hardware. Although Microsoft has been committed to expanding the support of game library through backward compatibility, FPS boost is designed to improve the old games, and does not require developers to perform additional operations.


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(from: Microsoft)

Microsoft said that in the best state, a few backward compatible old games can almost double the frame rate on xsx / XSS hardware.

It is reported that the first games to support FPS boost include “island scare 4”, “Legend of new super lachi”, “sniper elite 4”, “Ultimate Fighting Championship 4” and “watchdog 2”.

Among them, the frame rate of “Legend of new super lachi” can reach 120fps, and the frame rate of UFC 4 on Xbox serie s can also reach 60fps.

When you press the Xbox function key on the handle, a new indicator will pop up for FPS boost compatible games, just like the quick recovery / Auto HDR indicator pop up on the current xsx / XSS console.

Paul eng, senior project manager at Xbox, explains that the improvements are just the beginning. With the introduction of new menu icons and system settings changes in the upcoming system update, they will soon announce more works supporting FPS boost.

It is reported that the Xbox new dashboard update will come this spring, and has the option function of switching game compatibility. Players can choose to disable automatic HDR, turn on or turn off the newly introduced FPS boost and other functions.