Xbox series X / s host has some very powerful system level downward compatibility enhancement functions. Some classic games can get native resolution enhancement on this host, and some even add HDR support. Recently, Microsoft has added FPS enhancement function to the host, which can improve the system level frame rate of the game. The first five games will support this function.


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In a recent interview, Jason Ronald, director of Xbox project management, explained that FPS enhancements do not require developers to do extra development work. In some cases, developers can be more flexible when they choose to add enhancements to old works.

“We can do this without any extra development work on our own,” says Ronald. In other words, in some cases, if developers want to choose to upgrade the old works or make plans for the game, they will be more flexible and have more control, so this is really a kind of cooperation between us and publishers. “

At the same time, Ronald explained that not all games can enjoy this function because of the enhanced way FPS works and the developers’ own planning restrictions on games.

“We listen to the community of players, we understand the passion of the community of players, we know what the community of players wants to see,” he said. In some cases, because of the way this technology is developed, we can’t apply it to all works. In some cases, developers or publishers have their own plans for the works, and they will make their own upgrades for the works. “

Now, lone island 4, watchdog 2, UFC 4, sniper elite 4 and new super lucky fox are among the first games to support FPS enhancement. Microsoft said that it will add support for this function to more games in the future.