Under Satya NADELLA’s leadership, Microsoft has become a strong ally of the open source community. In addition to open source projects such as chromium and GitHub, the tech giant also hopes to help Android better interact with the next generation of hardware. It is reported that Google launched the Android open source project (AOSP), which allows anyone to obtain the source code and customize the required version. For example, Nokia has built the so-called “X” platform, and Amazon has created its own version of Android based on AOSP code. < / P > < p > historically, Microsoft has been actively involved in the development of Android, and has become a strong supporter of AOSP project in recent years, providing many applications and services for the mobile platform. < / P > < p > since the summer, Microsoft has submitted more than 80 code improvements to the Android platform for better integration with next-generation hardware. < / P > < p > Microsoft pointed out that the fuzzy API in this area can add information about the area covered by other tasks or system UI, so that developers can redirect relevant experience to other visible areas, such as the application drawer at the bottom of Android launcher. < / P > < p > finally, as part of the Windows Linux subsystem (WSL), it is said that Microsoft is also developing the so-called windows Android subsystem, and LinkedIn has many positions for Android developers. Global Tech