Since the launch of Xbox adaptive controller in 2018, Microsoft has been exploring how to better let people with disabilities and disabilities play games. To ensure that almost everyone can enjoy games on PC and Xbox, Microsoft recently launched a new project to allow game studios to submit new products to Xbox accessibility guidelines for testing. Microsoft said the move was the first in the game industry.


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As part of the testing process, Microsoft will try to help developers understand how their games are suitable for people with disabilities. What’s more, Microsoft said that every test pass will include personal opinions from the games and the disabled community, who will not only play these games, but also provide feedback and insights. The company will also provide additional resources for developers as needed, including links to documents on inclusive design.

Microsoft is also improving the Xbox accessibility guidelines, which will help guide the test plan. One of the ways the company improves the resource is to make it easier to read and understand. Microsoft said it tried to remove overly technical terms and add context where needed. In addition, each guide includes additional information on how certain functions and practices affect people with disabilities. There are also advanced questions that the studio can use to help guide their work.