Microsoft will no longer rely on Amazon to run popular minecraft video games. The shift suggests that Microsoft will reduce payments to its most powerful competitors and promote its products. Amazon Web services (AWS) dominates the public cloud infrastructure market, running software remotely through its huge data center, while Microsoft has been trying to grab market share for its azure intelligent cloud services.

azure has grown faster than many other businesses of Microsoft, helping the company reduce its dependence on long-term products such as Windows Office. By moving more of its own software to azure, Microsoft has shown its customers that it will not use computing, storage and network resources elsewhere to provide online services.

most of Microsoft’s consumer and commercial products, including the teams communications application, are already using azure. Last year, two and a half years after acquiring LinkedIn, Microsoft said it would move LinkedIn from its dedicated data center to azure.

since then, minecraft has developed into the best-selling game in the world. As of May this year, more than 200 million copies were sold, and 126 million people were playing with it every month. Now, the game’s dependence on Amazon is coming to an end. “We will make a full transition to azure by the end of this year,” a Microsoft spokesman said