Microsoft president Brad Smith recently warned that the large-scale hacking incident caused by Orion, the IT software of solarwinds, “is still fermenting”, indicating that the scope, complexity and impact of the attack are very far-reaching. The loophole is mainly aimed at the U.S. government agencies, so many people speculate that the Russian government supports the implementation of hacker organizations. Smith defined the hacker attack as a moment of reckoning, and explained the scale and danger of the attack. According to Smith, it “represents a reckless act, creating a serious technical loophole for the United States and the world.”. < / P > < p > he believes that this is not only an attack on specific targets, but also an attack on the trust and reliability of the world’s key infrastructure to promote the development of a national intelligence agency. Although the post does not explicitly blame Russia, the implication is very obvious. “In the coming weeks there will be more and more incontrovertible evidence that we believe is the source of these recent attacks,” Smith said. < / P > < p > to illustrate the impact of this attack, Smith shared a map using telemetry data obtained from Microsoft defender anti-virus software to show that Orion version of the device with malware has been installed. According to Smith, Microsoft has also been trying to inform more than 40 customers this week that attackers are targeting them more precisely and using additional and complex measures to disrupt them. About 80% of these customers are in the United States, but Microsoft has also identified victims in Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom, Israel and the United Arab Emirates. “It’s certain that the number and location of the victims will continue to increase,” Smith said. < / P > < p > the investigation into the hacker incident is still in progress. The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), cyber security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the office of the director of national intelligence (ODNI) said in a joint statement on Wednesday that they were coordinating the government’s response to this major cyber incident;. And Smith warned that & quot; we should all be prepared for more victims in the public sector and other businesses and organizations;. Skip to content