If you find that the e-mail deleted in outlook reappears in your in box after a period of time, it may be Microsoft’s problem. Microsoft said it had found a problem in outlook that led to a minor bug in outlook that would prevent users from deleting messages, including spam, from their inboxes. < / P > < p > Microsoft said, Outlook.com At present, a bug has been found, which causes deleted messages to appear in the mailbox again. This bug seems to only affect outlook’s main in box, so users can still empty the trash can permanently. Usually, when the user is in the Outlook.com When you delete an e-mail on, it will automatically disappear from your in box, and Microsoft will move it to the garbage can. This new bug of Microsoft will prevent the email from being in the Outlook.com Was deleted. < / P > < p > Microsoft is investigating the issue and says it will fix it by the end of the year. According to reports, the bug was discovered in July this year, and now Microsoft has finally acknowledged the problem. If users want to solve the problem manually, they can try the following: < / P > < p > use the mail app or outlook app of windows 10. If you’ve already connected Gmail, Yahoo, or other e-mail to your outlook, Microsoft recommends visiting the connected service and deleting email from there. Move messages to the archive and manually delete them after the error is fixed. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States