According to reports, Microsoft Corp wants to sell more cloud services to major telecom companies so they can offer new products as wireless companies upgrade to 5g network standards. Microsoft is selling azure to carriers at a conference on Monday attended by at & T Inc., Telstra Corp., and potential customers. < / P > < p > in addition to general cloud computing services, Microsoft also hopes to sell more products from two 5g telecom software suppliers it acquired this year, namely metaswitch networks and confirmed networks, which can help operators run new wireless systems. < p > < p > the fifth generation wireless network (5g) will eventually become the main network of commercial and consumer devices, which is expected to achieve faster data speed, faster response time, and be able to connect a series of electronic devices that have not been connected before. Microsoft hopes telecom operators can use its cloud services to support new 5g based products. Microsoft is the second largest vendor of cloud infrastructure after Amazon. Microsoft says its cloud services can help suppliers save money in running applications, storing data and analyzing information from the network, because they don’t have to invest in their own devices for these tasks. Jason Zander, executive vice president of Microsoft azure, said: “we want to help operators run their overall systems effectively, and one of our goals is to help reduce the cost of operating these networks. In addition, we think there are exciting new business opportunities here. ” Currently, Microsoft’s focus on the telecommunications industry is similar to its efforts to help retailers and healthcare companies develop new applications and modernize their businesses. While Microsoft has been working with at & T to develop 5g services, its rival Amazon has established a partnership with Verizon Communications Inc. Microsoft said Verizon will also work with it to develop new azure services. Other partners include Intel Corp., Samsung Electronics Co., and Hewlett Packard enterprise. < p > < p > according to a person familiar with the matter at that time, Microsoft purchased conserved networks for us $1.35 billion in March this year, which can help telecom customers using 5g technology to build virtual networks. In May this year, Microsoft also agreed to acquire metaswitch, which sells high-performance cloud communications software to more than 750 network operators. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia